This season I'm wearing red to make up for all the monochromatic clothing I wear. Red makes such a bold statement and lately I've been incorporating this color tone into different outfits to add a pop of detail.

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Pantone released their color pallet for fall/winter 2017 and I can say I'm not disappointed. With lots of rich color tones grenadine has to be at the top of my list. As many people who follow along with me know, I am not one to opt for color and generally wear more monochromatic toned outfits. But, there's just something about this tone of red I cannot get away from.

I'm also a promoter for all things cozy. Especially as we transition into winter it's crucial to keep warm while looking good. Staying on trend with the red tones I grabbed this Hudson sweatshirt for the main piece and built around it.

Lately I've really liked pairing items with different textures together to add contrast. That's where this mesh dress comes into the picture. For layering purposed a grabbed this mesh dress to go under my oversized sweatshirt.   

For the last couple years these leather leggings from Aritzia have lived in the back of my closet and recently I've brought them back to life. They're a really nice play on dressing up a basic black legging. 

Finishing the look off I paired a pair of black booties with a higher shaft to streamline the bottom half of the outfit. I opted for these Zara boots specifically due to the track sole to keep with the overall relaxed look.


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