Leaving Seattle and heading to Miami had one major perk: the weather. Trading 50 degrees and rainy for 85 degrees with clear skies was not an issue for me. I packed my bag with shorts, crop tops, body suits and skirts I could get away wearing since the weather clearly reflected the current season. I planned my outfits for the festival, and switched up a few pieces as I transitioned to going out at night. 

I am a huge fan of the mesh trend, but I didn't want to trap myself in a mesh bodysuit or skin tight crop top. I opted for the athleisure look pairing a camo sports bra from one of my favored clothing brands with a simple pair of spandex shorts. The outfit would not be complete without a pair of high top socks... GUCCI!

I will say this look was very hard for me to accept at first. I am a Nike until I die type of person, so wearing something from Adidas felt foreign. After setting my feelings aside this skirt grew on me, and was pretty comfortable for a festival. I had a difficult time choosing between a crop top or a body suit, but if you know me, you know I am a very big crop top fan so this style easily won.

I'll just leave this here... for the hype. 

When the fishnet trend rolled around I wasn't sure how I felt. It can be a bit over done, but I found this long sleeve with larger patterned fishnet holes. To mix it up and make the outfit pop I added a red crop underneath. As for the bottoms, I had searched and searched until I found the right black lace up shorts to work with the outfit. 

If I told you I has just gotten off a plan would you believe me? No joke, when we arrive to our BnB I was hot an hungry! I thought "how can I change my all black plane outfit consisting of lulu lemon pants, tank, bomber and Nikes into an outfit I can wear out to dinner?" The result as you can see switches lulus for lace up shorts, tank for crop and Nikes for lace up open toe boots. 

Traveling with anther person is always a plus when they allow you to share their closet. I stole this camo jacket and paired it with  a grey mini body con and an off he shoulder while body suit. This was my Cinco De Mayo outfit, very festive I know. Sometimes it's easier to stay simple and comfortable, and that's exactly what I did. 

Back at it again with the Adidas skirt. Like I said, the skirt grew on me. Transitioning from the festival to going out made simple. Switch crops from white to black and throw on some heels. Once again I stole this denim jacket which fit the outfit perfectly. 

The last night out was spent on Ocean Drive, so why no go all out? I purchased this leather mini skirt  a couple months back and have been obsessed ever since. I paired the fishnet top an a bralet under with lace up boots to finish the look off. This by far was my favorite outfit of the weekend. 

Anna Collons