I live for those overcast spring days, where it's just cold enough to wear a jacket. This has to be my favorite piece of outerwear in my closet right now. I found it in New York and without a doubt had to invest. I was a huge fan of the navy and grey trend throughout fall and winter, and this jacket was a nice addition to my collection of biker style outwear. Although I'm growing rather tired of the plaid trend, as well as crop tops this specific button up caught my eye. The print is crisp, and simple-- two things I love. Layering is something I will continue to do, despite the season change. Who cares, it adds depth and detail to an outfit, and all you have to do is wear another piece under the other. I live in these leather leggings. They're so incredibly comfortable, and such a great alternative to leggings and black denim. Sadly the weather is becoming warmer, but I look forward to the colder days where I can get away with rocking them. For over a year I've been looking for all white skate highs. Last year I gave in and purchased a pair of Chuck Taylors, which now are far from the color they used to be. When I saw these in front of me, I instantly got them. I must say, they're one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, next to my Roshe Runs. To tie the look together I threw on a silver chain and some black shades. Hopefully the weather changes soon so I'm forced to dress more spring like. Until then, I will remain in my old winter ways.

Details: Wilfred Free jacket | Topshop button up | Wilfred tee | Wilfred Free leather leggings | Vans skate highs | XXI chain | Nordstrom sunglasses

Anna Collons