If you're reading this and you've been following me on Instagram the past couple years, you're probably thinking, "you literally wear that bomber all the time." Yes, I am sure from the thumbnail you can tell I am indeed wearing the same olive bomber I have worn endlessly over the past two years. What can I say? When you find something that works, it just works. But what about the things you don't see endlessly that hide away in my closet? Let's talk about those pants.

You know that shirt you've had for years you can't convince yourself to get rid of, because you will have an occasion for it? What about those shoes you wore once and then instantly regretted buying? Or that jacket you found online that everyone had, but it really didn't work when you received it in the mail? My point: we all have those articles of clothing we buy, absolutely love and want to work with the other clothes in our closet, but in reality just don't. What I'm getting at is these pants were once one of those articles of clothing I had to buy and never wore. So what changed?

Hold Please... I'm actually scrolling through my Instagram as we speak to see when they made their first public debut. I didn't actually pull these guys out of my closet until late 2016, and I am sure they sat alongside the rest of my black pants for a good 6 months before seeing day light. Drawn to the trouser resemblance these gave off I replaced the old cargo style pants that no longer fit me (too big unfortunately).

I finally decided to pull these guys out of my closet when I realized I only wear yoga pants, jeans or well let's be real yoga pants. I needed to break out of my comfort zone and get back to styling outfits rather than looking like I lived at the gym.  Perfect, what a great addition I realized these trousers actually were. I'm really into dressing down trousers and wearing them more casually. I had such a hard time with these until I thought, "why not just wear them as an upscale version of a sweatpant?" From there I paired crop tops and Nike's with them or bodysuits and heels to dress the look up.

My point is, if you have something in your closet you purchased and never wear- there's a reason you added it to your closet in the first place. Find a way to wear it and go for it. Get out of your comfort zone for one day or one night. These trouser pants are just one example of many items in my closet I fail to wear on the daily. Tired of wearing the same outfit every time you go out? Reach for that untouched piece at the back of your closet, you'll be surprised what you can make out of it. 

Want the look? 

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