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A little over 50 years ago Nike brought us one of the most renowned sneakers of all time-- the Airmax 1. This was the first time air technology was used in the visible part of a sneaker. While the same type of technology has progressed in models like the Vapormax and 270, Nike still has a vast archive of other models that remain prominent in the sneaker community. Over the past couple months, we’ve seen infamous Airmax shoes released replacing the body of one model with the sole of another calling it a “max mix” exclusively released on the SNKRS app. 

As someone a bit newer to the sneaker game, I’ve learned what’s hype, what I like and what’s essential for any sneaker collection. As a die-hard Nike fan, I bring you my top 6 Nike Airmax’s that can be found in my closet.


When this colorway dropped I finally gave in and purchased a pair. I’m a fan of the bone colored upper with the punch of pink. They go with pretty much anything and am thinking about getting another pair. They are some of the most comfortable Nike’s I have, perfect for walking or wearing casually. Not to mention any colorway you can think of was just released. 


The pastel color tones of this sneaker are not only on trend this spring and summer, but also add that much needed color to my closet. I’m not that big of a fan of the Airmax 97 sole so this silhouette with the Airmax Plus sole with the 97 body attracted me to the shoe. This is probably my most worn Nike after my 270’s and Flyknit Presto’s.


Following the common trend with my shoes I opted for this colorway of the Airmax 97 due to the American camouflage print. Army green is a great neutral and this shoe adds to most outfits where I would normally pair one much more simple. The shoe altogether is a bit more bulky than to my liking, but it’s a classic.


I’ve had my eye on so many Airmax 90’s and I’m surprised I just purchased my first pair. I was drawn to the horse hair detailing and suede contrast this model embodies. I’m a sucker for a black and white she and the chestnut accent pops out. This Airmax is a little more narrow especially in comparison to the 97. An Airmax 90 is an essential for anyone’s closet.


Flyknit has to be my favorite material Nike has used in their shoes. When this Flyknit Airmax popped up I instantly had my eye on them. This blue color way mixes it up and once again adds color to my closet. The thick sole adds to the overall silhouette of the shoe and makes it stand out with the unique air feature.


This was actually the first Airmax I purchased. They matched an outfit I had so I instantly got them. I appreciate the leather material of the body of the shoe, it adds a more structures and sleek silhouette to the shoe where a softer material would not deliver the same effect. The pink violet color of the shoe adds a soft pastel tone perfect for spring and summer.

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