With Yeezy season approaching, and Kanye's first solo tour in five years it was only right to go. Kanye, or Yeezus as he calls himself on his latest album gave one of the most creative performances. With lectures in between songs and Yeezus' speech about how inspirational the North West is, if you didn't attend, you definitely missed out. Although Kanye was two and a half hours late and his set did not live up to his full potential, it was easily an event of the year. With a special guest appearence from Jesus, and Kanye's three outfit changes complete with a custom Margiela mask and his signature Red October Yeezys, Kanye proves he is a God.

What do you wear to a Kanye concert? I wore all black, with a red flannel tied around my waist (not pictured) but, what I'm wearing above is pretty close to what I actually wore. If you don't already have a leather bomber-- get one, you need it this season, and just in general. To me the plaid trend is fading, but to many it's still in. I decided to go with a well hyped look and tied my flannel around my waist. The color red is assiciated with Yeezus so what better than to wear it to the concert. These two toned, or even color blocked trousers are one of my favorite pairs of pants I own, and of course how could I forget, a Yeezus concert your shirt.

Details: Yeezus tour shirt / H&M trousers / Thrifted flannel / XXI jacket / Nordstrom boots & watch 

Anna Collons