This afternoon was spent in the city snapping pictures in sketchy alleyways and attending a Fashion Board meeting.  I pretty much woke up and slipped on my most comfortable pants with a warm cardigan.  Track pants, or even a more relaxed style trouser are perfect for those casual days without looking too effortless. Black, white and grey are my go-to colors, it's pretty much all I've been wearing the past few weeks. This cardigan is super cozy, but still has an edgy vibe to it. I decided to pair a graphic tee with this outfit to give it a bit more depth. This shirt kind of reminds me of Kanye and his Watch The Throne theme, which is why i purchased it, and because it's white just to add even more white to my closet. I'm really liking the ankle boot trend, everyone should have a pair this season-- they're the new combat boot.

Cheetah print.. Is that still in? I wasn't sure until I saw this chic fur trench coat. Fur as well as long trench style outerwear are in this season, and I recommend having at least on of these in your closet for the fall/ winter season.  These ankle boots  are water resistant, suitable for those rainy or even snowy days. If you're apposed to wearing a tall rain boot these are the perfect alternative. Keeping it simple with a white tee and classic blue skinnies, perfect for a day in the city.

Black and grey are trending this season, but people style trends differently. You can never go wrong with color blocking the two together with an statement piece. Wide brimmed hats are my choice of head wear this season as you know from my previous blog post. Sneaker wedges when worn right work, this is a perfect example of how they can be worn, adding a bit of edge to the look. The neutral colors together correlate well embracing what fall is all about.

Black, black, and some more grey. This is probably one of the outfits I would most likely be caught in. The leather vest layered on top of a black and grey baseball style tee gives a subtle enough pop of a lighter shade breaking up all of the dark hues. Paired with studded combat boots for an edgier punk look showing off exactly what Seattle grunge is all about.


Anna: Aritzia cardigan & tee / Leith track pants / Nordstrom boots / Nordstrom sunnies / Zara bag

Ella: XXI coat / White tee / Blue skinnies / Jefferey Campbell boots

Kristina: Aritzia baseball top / Nordstrom vest / American Apparel pants / Steve Madden boots

Photo credits: Katie Gilman


Anna Collons